Frequently asked questions

About Kooee

Who is Kooee?

Like the iconic Australian bush call, Kooee is a call to action to accelerate Australia towards 100% renewable energy. We started in 2019 with a mission to do our part for the environment while helping people save money. We are giving the power back to Australians, giving them the choice of where their energy comes from and how they use it. We call it 'on-demand energy'

Would Kooee be the right choice for me?

You bet! Whether you require the 'Kooee with the Lot' plan (solar + battery), or simply just want to access ‘clean’, low-cost grid energy, we make it simple for you – find the right option to suit your needs with our Kooee calculator.

Which States/Territories will Kooee operate in?

We are currently available in NSW and SA, and are working hard to ensure remaining states and territories roll out as soon as possible. Check back for updates on when we are due to launch in your State!

Is Kooee an Energy Retailer?

Kooee is not a licensed retailer. The retailer and provider of energy to customers of Kooee energy products is Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879, a licensed electricity retailer.

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How long does it take to switch to Kooee?

Keen on saving the Earth huh... Well, we are too. So we will do whatever it takes to onboard you quickly and smoothly. Typically, it takes 4 weeks to switch, but don’t worry we look after all the paperwork for you.

How do I sign up?

It’s suuuuuper easy. Get an estimate on what you could save here. Send us your details here to speak with a Kooee consultant. We will contact you within 24 hours to setup a time to understand your needs. Sign up to our online Kooee community here.

What about my old Electricity Company?

We will handle the break-up for you. Once you sign up via our online portal, we will contact your current energy provider and let them know you’re making a move. Don’t worry, we’ll let them down gently...

What happens if I want to leave Kooee?

If you’re moving, you can request a transfer here to the new tenants or home-owners. Or, simply pay-off the remainder of your plan’s ‘system cost’. It’s kind of like your mobile phone plan. What else? We will unbundle your plan - meaning you will keep your retail account with Energy Locals and your loan obligations via our financing partner.


How much can I expect to consume from my new energy system?

Typically, our customers experience between 70 - 95% self-consumption - this is the amount of energy you use from your own system. The actual amount will depend on the size of your energy system and your energy habits.

Where does the 'extra energy' I need come from?

Good question. Even the most efficient energy systems will need the grid from time to time. The good news is, Energy Locals (our retail partner) sources their wholesale energy from predominantly green sources (solar, hydro, wind).
Because of all the ‘poles and wires’ that transmit the electricity, it’s impossible to tell exactly where this energy comes from. It’s kind of like buying milk - it’s not all going to be able to come from Daisy.


How much does Kooee cost?

Great news! Kooee is designed to save you money, not cost you money - all while doing your bit for the planet. Our aim is to help you transition your home to 100% renewable energy, and save you money at the same time. Check out our Kooee calculator to get an idea of what others are saving.

How do Kooee tariffs differ to what I am paying now?

If you are with one of the big power companies you are probably consuming a lot of 'dirty energy" - and paying through the nose for it. With Kooee energy your monthly energy bill includes a subscription that allows you to buy power at the same price these power companies pay. Last month the retail price of electricity was 31% lower than what you are most likely being charged. To start with we pass that savings directly to you - 100%.

How much is my 'Kooee Bundle' energy plan calculated?

Here is the deal with our ‘Kooee bundle’ energy plan. Your fixed monthly plan includes:

  • Kooee subscription fee: a flat $30 / month.
  • System cost: the monthly amount of the hardware and financing costs of your energy system (if applicable).
  • Energy from the grid: Wait, isn’t all my energy coming from my system? Well, the vast majority is, but there are still good reasons to be connected to the grid.

We estimate the cost of your ‘grid needs’ based on the difference between what your system produces and what your household consumes. Don’t worry, we don’t profit from this - we just pass on the wholesale costs to you.

What happens if I use more energy than my plan has estimated?

No worries. It’s only the timeframe of your energy plan that will flex, not the monthly amount. If you use less energy than the ‘plan estimate’, the time frame (or term) of your plan gets shorter. woohoo!

How is my 'Kooee Lite' plan estimated?

Our 'Koee Lite energy plan:

  • Fixed subscription fee: A flat $30 / month
  • Variable component: based on the wholesale costs of your electricity needs (enabled by our retail partner Energy Locals).

What happens when I get to the end of my 'fixed plan'

Woohoo! Let's party! Then.... your plan will switch to 'Kooee Lite'. A flat $30 / month + a variable component based on the Energy Locals cost of your grid requirements. Typically, Kooee Lite customers that have Solar and Battery typically only pay between $30 - $60 per month.

Solar and Battery

What kind of Solar and Battery will be installed?

Well, that kinda depends. There are a bunch of variables to consider. Your Kooee Consultant will help you navigate all the options and help you find the best one for you. We know quality is super-important to you. That's why we can guarantee a quality installation as we have high standards imposed on our Kooee Partners. If for whatever reason you’re not happy, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll fix it!

Who will install my energy system?

Kooee partners with only high-quality solar and battery installation companies. Ensuring that your installation is safe, no-fuss and will last the test of time. We are members of the Solar Cutters network - formed to create a community that believes in quality, integrity and unity by supporting individuals who are passionate about influencing change within the solar industry.

Who can I talk?

Call or email us! We’ll help you no matter what.

What kind of insurance does my energy system have?

This depends on the manufacturer. Don't worry, being a Kooee customer doesn't effect this policy at all. In fact, if it comes to it, we'd be happy to throw our weight around on your behalf if anything goes wrong.


What are my payment options?

There are three payment options - credit card direct debit, bank transfer, or Bpay.

What is the 'term' of my contract?

In a way, that’s entirely up to you! Kooee is unique in that we totally customise your plan to suit your needs. We consider: your energy usage, the capacity of your energy system, upfront deposit, and the impact you can make with habit changes. Our Kooee calculator can give you an estimate, and your Kooee consultant will work directly with you to create a totally customised plan.

Is there any 'exit fees' if I decide to pay off my system early?

Nope, never. In actual fact, we want to help you do just that. Click here to find out more about our Home Automation options.

Smart meters

Do I need a new meter?

When you get a solar system you need an bi-directional meter or a 'Smart' meter. This will give you a direct feed into your on-demand energy system. If you already have one... great! Hang onto that little guy. If you don't... no worries - we'll get one sorted for you.

What's a 'smart meter'?

A smart meter measures and records your usage data at 30 minute intervals and transmits it to the electricity network regularly using 3G. This means you can be charged the wholesale electricity price for your usage as at each 30 minute interval. This way you also get your usage data every day instead of only once every 3 months when someone drives by and reads your meter.


I have an investment property – how can this work for me?

Keen on adding value to your investment property? Kooee makes it easy. Bundle the fixed Kooee plan with the rent. Your tenants will get the benefit of a fixed cost and you can sit back knowing your energy system is being paid off!

Interested – let one of our friendly staff tell you more here.